G-Tech G-TEAM Hands-on with Atomos + Evolution Series

Looking for storage workflow ideas with your Atomos monitor-recorder? In the video below, a cinematographer shares his workflow using G-Technology’s storage solutions in their Evolution Series:

From G-Technology Storage

Director, Cinematographer, and G-TEAM member Michael Coleman shares how the Atomos Shogun Inferno and Evolution Series keep his workflow future-ready.

Atomos Master Caddy 4K by G-Technology (SSD-based version) and Atomos Master Caddy HD by G-Technology (HDD-based version)

With SSD configurations achieving transfer rates surpassing 500 MB/s – ideal for 4K, HDR and other demanding content formats – the Atomos Master Caddy 4K by G-Technology inserts directly into any Atomos-compatible recorder. The Caddy then slides into the ev Series Reader Atomos Master Caddy Edition, which slips into any G-DOCK® ev or G-SPEED® Shuttle XL with ev Series Bay Adapters. This combination makes quick, cable-free work of transferring footage into main project storage, creating backups and quickly turning around formatted media.

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