In Loving Memory Of Naader Rizk


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Naader and Dad
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Birthday With Mom
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Man's Best Friend

Loving Son, Innovator and Creative

Naader Rizk (January 23, 1980- March 28, 2018), was an innovator and creative who partnered with his father Abrahim to pilot and help build a digital presence for the ThreeRiversVideo brand. In creating the basis of this website, he combined his ideas, time and talent to making the process of creating your workflow simple and easy.

Tragically, he left us in mid 2018 while in the process of finalizing this website. He is survived by his parents who take time every day to share his stories and memories with the world around them.

A Message To Our Customers

Here at ThreeRiversVideo, we are all about our family. Built with 40 years of family owned experience, we know the importance of trust and how family comes first. That is why our promise to you is to look at you as our family meaning, we take care of you and our needs. That is and has always been the foundation of our relationship with each other. So that is our foundation to you, our customers.