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What's a SAN and why you need one


Why FibreJet SAN


FibreJet offers both Volume-level locking and File-level locking options. FibreJet volume-level locking allows multiple-readers and one writer at a time to the file system. It has almost no moving parts so there is nothing that can go wrong. It requires little to no IT management or infrastructure. Everything goes over reliable Fibre Channel period and there are no proprietary components, so you can manage your assets you already have.

FibreJet is the truly affordable SAN Management solution. A FibreJet managed enterprise-class storage network gives multiple computers operating on multiple operating systems concurrent access to multiple terabytes of storage using just about anyone's storage over Fibre Channel or iSCSI.

Higher-performance storage networking. FibreJet has shown in real world application to have as much as 500% better performance during file-copy compared to the same operation on other SAN management software. On SAN networks using FibreJet operators are able find a file in as little as 5 seconds as compared to taking as much as 4 minutes and more for the same operation in many other well known SAN management solutions.
FibreJet is the proven choice for storage and server consolidation; higher performance, lower cost, easy scalability with higher availability when you need to work together.


FibreJet goes where others cannot. If your environment has AVID, Final Cut Pro or ProTools, FibreJet is here to support you. FibreJet supports all of Apple’s editing tools and storage. The video workflows of ingest and capture, edit, and final output is what FibreJet is designed for. To enable you to be the most creative you can be while being your most productive. Only FibreJet has built in project management specifically designed for professionals working in video and film, whether editing audio, creating effects and motion graphics, or blending it all into the finished work.

Capture, Edit, Collaborate, Output without missing a beat. Capturing, playback and output require stringent real-time demands for high-bandwidth/low-latency access to the shared storage SAN, even while others are using it. Dropping a frame is absolutely unacceptable. This is why others cannot even play in the same environments that FibreJet operates flawlessly in; such as the tremendously demanding low-latency ProTools systems.

Work together, without losing your head. With FibreJet, multiple editors can share the same source material concurrently and at the same time, have the same projects open. With many others you will find yourself losing each other’s work if you try this one. Try having both editors open a Final Cut Pro project and start editing; whoever saves their file last will overwrite without any warning all the work the other editor has performed! This cannot happen with FibreJet, as it protects against this very case, while at the same time letting multiple editors safely use the same material concurrently. Other software solutions simply can’t play here either. What’s more, there is virtually no limit with FibreJet to the amount of storage you can add for projects or the number of workstations you can add to the SAN. Files never need to be transferred between machines, thus eliminating wasted storage. Want to reserve exclusive access to the bandwidth of a storage resource for a finishing workstation? No problem with FibreJet.

Use storage more efficiently with FibreJet. FibreJet makes it easier than any other solution to create different storage pools, such as fastest, or more protected to transparently direct editors’ use of storage automatically without any rules. What’s more, because FibreJet is a true multiplatform solution that supports standard native Mac OS X and Windows file systems and storage utilities, there is nothing new for the administrator to learn either. Create storage pools of RAID-0 for highest speed access, and RAID-1 pools for finished work, while using RAID-5 or RAID-6 (a good balance between speed and protection) for everything else. In addition RAID 50 and RAID 60 storage pools perform with FibreJet.

Sharing. It's a good thing. FibreJet is a true multi-platform sharing solution. Whether you are a MAC OSX user or a MS Windows 7 user, FibreJet lets you share files and volumes of virtually unlimited size over a Fibre Channel based network or over an Ethernet iSCSI network. Virtually unlimited systems on the SAN can read and write to our shared storage simultaneously. Using your favorite standard disk utilities, you can pool data across multiple SAN storage (both RAID and JBOD) for enhanced performance. Each SAN attached computer accesses the storage as if it were directly attached, giving extreme performance for demanding applications such as sharing HD video with a workgroup of editors, or cluster computing where high speed access to a shared data set allows each computer to calculate at maximum efficiency.

Work together. like never before. Since all the SAN attached machines see the storage as if they were directly attached, you can share media with a virtually unlimited number of machines concurrently, enabling comprehensive workgroup functionality like never before.

FibreJet truly gives you the freedom to collaborate. While many claim to play well with others FibreJet actually delivers on the work together promise. With true best of class choices in all areas, FibreJet not only works with Fibre Channel switches from enterprise class vendors like QLogic, Emulex and Brocade; more than that FibreJet also gives the customer choice when it comes down to their choice of Storage and HBAs. FibreJet will work with just about anyone's RAID or JBOD storage device. In addition FibreJet also lets you mix and match your choice of HBAs, from manufacturers such as QLogic, ATTO, Apple/LSI, etc.

Higher availability. FibreJet has less single points of failure than any other SAN management solution. FibreJet is based on full Fibre Channel SAN architecture; as a result the entire network can be provisioned for redundancy with RAID and Fibre Channel switch fabric topology. Additionally, there is no metadata controller that can fail, no additional server to administer, and ultimately no additional cost to impact your bottom line!

Easier to Setup, Easier Scalability, Easier to Manage. Setup is as simple as FibreJet. So is using your storage. FibreJet storage works just like your current storage, there is nothing to relearn. You have the freedom to grow your network without disrupting users by simply adding or reconfiguring switches, storage, and servers as they become necessary to your business development. Your storage is simply there like any other disk. Management is built into every FibreJet seat. It can be managed from any machine on your network or remotely managed using Apple Remote Desktop or any similar remote access desktop application.

Customers say it's great! FibreJet Outperforms
"We have had incredible results with FibreJet in our facility. We are regularly running with applications that will not support operation with Xsan, and are achieving superior bandwidth to Xsan with those apps that are compatible. We use FibreJet not only for uncompressed HD editing with Final Cut Pro HD, but we also have many AVID Protools systems in our SAN. We are using over 18 TB of storage on Xserve RAID boxes and also over 140 individual JBOD drives. At any given time we may be working on more than 30 projects simultaneously. We are ecstatic with the blinding performance of FibreJet in this most demaning environment because no other solution on our platform provides the functionality, speed, and protection that we require. We are constantly amazed at the flexibility of the system for post production sound editing, mixing and video/film editing on the blockbuster movies we work on."

Jonathan Wales