BoxCast Standard (1-Year Live Streaming Subscription)

by BoxCast

BoxCast Standard (1-Year Live Streaming Subscription)

The BoxCast Standard (1-Year Live Streaming Subscription) Plan from BoxCast is an ad-free streaming service that includes unlimited full HD streaming (up to 1080p) and unlimited viewership through the BoxCast Platform. Best when paired with the BoxCaster, the BoxCast Standard Plan includes responsive embedding on any website, 1-month of automatically recorded broadcasts, basic viewer analytics and live phone support. This plan is perfect for any first-time broadcasters looking to stream events to their own website and other destinations such as Facebook Live or YouTube.

BoxCast is the only streaming company that has built its entire infrastructure from beginning to end, giving you unprecedented levels of compatibility. The BoxCast Platform is truly end-to-end, offering acquisition, compression, cloud transcoding, archiving, video on demand, pay-per-view settings, and a scalable delivery infrastructure.

To unlock the full capabilities of the BoxCast Platform (including 12-months of recordings, downloads & exports, highlight clipping, in-depth viewer analytics and ticketed monetization), check out the BoxCast Advanced, & Advanced Plus Plans.


The Perfect Companion to the BoxCaster

The BoxCast Standard Plan works seamlessly with the BoxCaster—an easy-to-use, powerful encoder that can stream up to 1080p. With a camera, the BoxCaster, the BoxCast Platform, an internet connection, and power, you can stream your events live to anyone, anywhere, watching on any device. The BoxCaster or RTMP Encoder Activation are required to be purchased with all BoxCast Streaming Plans.

Unlimited Streaming

Stream as many events as you want to as many viewers as possible. The BoxCast Platform easily scales with your organization and doesn’t penalize you for how many people watch your broadcast.

Responsive, Embedded Player

Embed your video on any website. The BoxCast Player does not rely on Flash and utilizes adaptive bitrate streaming so your streams never buffer.  The BoxCast Player also features customizable thumbnail images, variable playback speeds, a playlist view and the ability to add a countdown timer to your live stream.

Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube, and other destinations

Stream your event to various locations, including Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch and other RTMP streaming destinations

Support Right When You Need It

BoxCast Streaming Support Specialists are ready to quickly answer your questions via email Mon. - Sat. 9AM to 9PM EDT and Sun. 7AM - 9PM EDT. Or you can visit our Online Customer Support Center anytime.

Automatic Recording & 1 Month of Storage

With the BoxCast Standard Plan, live broadcasts will be automatically recorded and stored for one month. After a month, your broadcast can be automatically deleted or you can pay $0.49/broadcast-hr to continue storing the broadcast.

Basic Viewer Analytics

BoxCast's Basic Viewer Analytics shows you viewership data such as active viewers, total views, total minutes, views watched live, minutes watched live, and views of recordings. To access more detailed analytics such as when viewers watched, how viewers watched, and where viewers watched from, you must have a BoxCast Advanced Plan or BoxCast Advanced Plus Plan.

Onboarding with Streaming Support Specialist

Start off on the right foot and work with an expert BoxCast Streaming Support Specialist to set up your first broadcasts and answer any potential questions you might have.

Live DVR

Want to see that unforgettable part of your broadcast again? Viewers can re-watch parts of your live broadcast, even as it's happening.

Streaming Plan Activation

Upon purchase of a BoxCast Streaming Plan and BoxCaster or RTMP Encoder Activation, an activation code will be emailed to you. Follow the instructions in the email to create your BoxCast account and start streaming.




  • Email & Online Support Center


  • Up to 720p


  • None, Unlimited


  • 1 live broadcast can last up to 24 hours
  • Plans are limited to an average of 8 hours of broadcasting per day


  • Not Included




  • BoxCaster - HD Streaming Encoder
  • Other RTMP Encoders (with activation)
  • BoxCast Broadcaster App for iOS (Included in all plans)
  • Limit 1 Ingestion Point per Plan (Contact Us for Multiple Simultaneous Broadcasts)


  • H.264 high profile level 4.2


  • AAC-LC audio compression


  • Cloud transcoding delivers adaptive bitrate streaming to viewers from a single origin stream.
  • BoxCast Live Plan Stream Variants:
    • 720p at 2Mbps
    • 480p at 1Mbps
    • 360p at 650Kbps
    • 240p at 425Kbps


  • BoxCast Flow: backhaul protocol providing adaptive recovery, content-aware forward error correction, encryption, link quality adjustment, and TCP/UDP diversity.
  • RTMP


  • BoxCast Platform, including native players for web, mobile, AppleTV, and Roku
  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube
  • Periscope
  • Twitch
  • Other RTMP Destinations


  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) with adaptive multi-bitrate support
  • Typical viewer latency < 1 minute end-to-end


  • Chrome (preferred)
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10+