Datavideo RMC-230 Iris/Shutter Control Box for MCU-100/200 Multi Camera Controllers

by DataVideo MFG# RMC-230

Datavideo RMC-230

The RMC-230 Control Box from Datavideo provides camera iris and shutter controls of the MCU-100 or MCU-200 multi camera controller. It acts as an interface connected between an MCU unit and the cameras. One end of the RMC-230 is connected to the camera via AD-1S and another end of the RMC-230 is connected to the MCU units, which are cost effective remote controllers designed specifically for remote control of Sony video cameras and camcorders. However, the RMC-230 can also be used as a standalone device for just controlling the camera iris and shutter.

Two RJ-45 ports allow connections of one end of RMC-230 to AD-1 and another end of RMC-230 to MCU-100 unit Two PWR ports with one providing power connection and another one allowing cascade of multiple RMC-230 units Control of shutter adjustment Control of iris adjustment Iris and shutter level display